Using the Kolb Learning Style Inventory 4.0 to Coach and Develop Others

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What are the benefits? In this program, you will be guided through the concepts and scoring of the KLSI 4.0, and be able to coach and develop others who can benefit from "learning how to learn."  Leave this program understanding the concepts behind the KLSI 4.0 and the measurements included on the inventory. 

What is the KLSI?  The KLSI 4.0 identifies your learning style, a dynamic way of navigating the learning cycle, a way that emphasizes some parts of the learning cycle of experiencing, reflecting, thinking, and acting over others. 

The KLSI 4.0 is the latest of six versions originally developed by David A. Kolb as a self- assessment and a tool for validating Experiential Learning Theory. This simple 20 question online assessment takes approximately ten minutes to complete.  The model and results empower people to take charge of their own learning process. 

What are learning styles?  Your learning style is a dynamic way of navigating the learning cycle, a way that emphasizes some parts of the learning cycle of experiencing, reflecting, thinking, and acting over others. Learning styles are not traits; instead, they are steady states or habits of learning.  By understanding your current preferences, you can monitor your own learning process. 

The KLSI 4.0 allows you to examine your unique learning style and its influences upon the path you have taken in your life. You explore nine different ways of learning, each of which brings its own joys and satisfactions, presents its own challenges, and leads to a different place. Understanding your learning style can help you assess your strengths and weaknesses and understand your preferences for making decisions, working on teams, partnering, and even parenting. Recognizing the various learning styles can illuminate the communication problems that arise when someone you know is “coming from a different place.” Appreciating the differences between learning styles can strengthen and balance your relationships within organizations, teams, and families as you discover how your weaknesses are covered by another’s strengths and vice versa. You can also embrace learning styles different from your own and expand your capabilities. Together, the nine learning styles present a complete portrait of your total potential. Just as each step in the learning cycle represents partial capabilities of the full cycle learning process, the nine learning styles also represent parts of a whole person.

What is learning flexibility?  The new KLSI 4.0 includes a new description and measure of learning flexibility, the ability to use different styles in response to different situations.  You will identify your current back-up styles and see how to develop capability to use styles that are less familiar.  This helps you to tap the full power of the learning cycle and your own full potential.


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Following completion of the course, join us for a live  interactive discussion to ask questions, share best practices, and discuss applications.


Using the Kolb Learning Style Inventory 4.0 to Coach and Develop Others


  • Using the Kolb Learning Style Inventory 4.0 to Coach and Develop Others
  • Interactive Discussion Group
  • The Kolb Learning Style Inventory 4.0: A Comprehensive guide to the Theory, Psychometrics, Research on Validity and Educational Applications

About Your Instructor

Kay Peterson

Kay Peterson

Founder and CEO, Institute for Experiential Learning

Kay is a founder of the Institute for Experiential Learning. Kay lives as a lifelong learner and brings an approach of curiosity, creativity and inspiration to her clients. Her previous career roles have included: clinical nurse specialist, sales manager, start-up entrepreneur, family-business owner, CEO, and president of a healthcare and library board. It was not until Kay “learned how to learn from experience” with Kolb Experiential Learning that the lights went on regarding how people change and develop. Now, Kay delivers a creative and direct take on helping leaders and professionals to reach their highest potential at any point in their careers. She applies the values and ideas of Experiential Learning with clients and in her own life.

Kay’s goal is to put Experiential Learning on the agenda of every organizational change effort and anyone looking to enact personal change. Her research on learning flexibility is contributing to the already vast body of evidence about the power of learning to transform lives. Through the Institute for Experiential Learning, Kay promotes a Community of Practice and directs and delivers certification programs in Experiential Learning as a foundation for change, learning and development with leaders and professionals from every arena.  Kay designs and delivers leadership development and executive coaching programs to individuals, teams, organizations and professional service firms based on Experiential Learning,

Kay earned a MS-POD and MBA from Weatherhead School of Management at Case Western Reserve University, a MN from Emory University and a BS from Vanderbilt University. She completed postgraduate training at the Gestalt Institute of Cleveland in coaching, training and somatic studies. She is currently completing her PhD through Taos Institute and University of Twente where she is studying lawyers at various points of their careers through a learning style lens. Kay also serves as a Master Coach at Case Western Reserve Weatherhead Executive Education.


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